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Crispiness in a meal is much desired by foodies from all over the world. To cater to just that, Fish and Chips items came into existence. At Fish Dish Bradford, we welcome you to the most desirable Fish and Chips items that you can ever find in the city. We happen to sell tons of items from both worlds to satisfy your foodie soul. Burgers are great in terms of the fantastic taste they offer coupled with loads of cheese. You have the option to choose from various items in Burgers like Mountain Burger, Spicy Fillet Burger, Fillet Burger, Cheese Burger, Chicken Burger, Vegetarian Burger etc. Next, you can opt for our items in Fish and Chips like Large Fish & Chips, Special Fish & Chips, Fishcake & Chips, Scampi & Chips, Small Chicken Nuggets & Chips, Fish Fingers & Chips, Battered Sausage etc. If you consider yourself a big eater, you can choose from our Meal items that include Large Donner, Chips & Can, Pie, Chips & Gravy, Large Fish & Chips with Sauce & Drink, Scallop Butty with Chips & Peas, Chip Butty with Sauce & Drink etc. Add a spark of sweetness by adding a Milkshake to your meal. You can choose from items like Chocolate Milkshake, Strawberry Milkshake, and Banana Milkshake. Extras, although understated, offers immense value to your meal. You should definitely try one from Chips & Beans, Teacake, Chips & Curry, Chips & Mushy Peas, Spicy Wings Meal, Chicken Strips Meal etc. To taste all of these and a lot more, visit us.

About Fish Dish Bradford

We are of the belief that quality is the last word in any business. To keep the quality upfront across our range, we use only the best-grade items from the market. Throughout our long time in the industry, we have gained many skills that are invested in making your food awesome. Now, you can get the full experience from your house. If it is being a lazy day for you and you prefer to be treated in your couch, try our home delivery services. To avail that, you can download our app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for free. That way, you will be greeted with our full-fledged menu right on your smartphone screen. Choose the items that best suit your mood and liking and place your order right from your smartphone. Once your order is confirmed, be assured that happiness in the form of crispiness is on its way. Order today from us.


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30 James Street, Bradford, BD1 3PZ is the best place in the city for any business project and guess what. We are located just there. This place from time immemorial has offered us immense value. This has to do with the great transport system that this city is backed up with. The traffic here is also not fussy and you can find more than one options in the conveyance department to reach us from any part of the city. Yet, if you feel lost in the process of finding us, you can always trigger our app for instant navigation right from the place you are standing at. You can also have a glance at our website for further details. So, why wait? Reach us now and experience a one of its kind food-affair.